Media Medea

Are you ready for this? Life in the developed world.

Media Medea

i don't want to write, but write i must.
a writer once told me that in order to be a writer
you just have to write.
what do you want to write?

dreams of babies made with dimethylcellulose
missing sleep from seeing the state of the world in the news.
in photographs.
this is my medium, media, medea.
what's your happy medium?

you are what you eat, you smoke, you drink, you read
you watch, you see, you feel----you are.
what's your poison? what's your health?

a banana went in and carrots came out of him.
his body is ulcerated and alcohol flows freely in him
through him, with him. he is starving.
is that all there is?

we are a society completely obsessed with making trash.
while others seem condemned to pick through theirs.
what trash are you processing?

ours is a fundamental guilt, unburdened
recycled, remodeled, and resold.
marketed to our comforts
highlighting our fears
and eroding our morals.
what is your guilt?

'don't believe what you read.'
yet we are taught we must read.
'question authority.'
yet we have expert after expert
talking heads
telling us what to question and how things are.
teachers and school bus drivers are arrested
and mothers are thrown out of the senate.
what do you believe, question, understand?

and what will you do about all this?