Untitled London

This was originally put forth as a song, beat unknown.

Untitled London

An American artist came to me one day
What should I do?, she’d often say.

I’m here to recommend something to you
You never before have heard.

I want to say what is in my heart but something is
stopping me. You want to see? You want to see?

Showing you as I do my comport and fanfare
I show you the lights, but the inside is bare.
My feelings I’ve hid so well I wonder...

Where are they?
My question is this.

Where are they?
They want me to do it
Where are they?
How often you're through it.
Where are they?
I'm on all cylinders now!
Where are they?
I wanna know how.
I wanna know how.

They said do it this way
We all want to cheer.
Some days on my way
I heard the crowd sneer,
'Kiss, kiss!'.

I wanna kiss now...
I wanna kiss now...
Steal her.
I had a feeling...
I had a feeling...
Steel bar, forever no feeling...
Forever no feeling...
Senses are going and reeling
On fire.
The senses are bleeding.

Seismic shifts and velvet thrusts
Lots of pics and fading to rust.

Online the foil is no excuse,
On time the product is built to last.

Enzymes and splitting of atoms,
Warm climes, the polar is melted.

On waves that got right through you
On and right through you.

Microeconomics today,
So you can pay and pay.

How much is the real cost,
Of karmic meltdown?

Instead of sparks.
My throne is down.