Dizzy precipitation

song arranged with a cool beat - or a poem. take your choice.

Dizzy precipitation

it was a blustery nite,
weather.com made a fright.
inside the preparations had begun.

i went out of my head, and nearly came back in.
it was coming right down, and floating on the ground
and flowing all around again.

my heart was so drowned in all the emotion.

i wondered, when will i see land again?

dizzy precipitation.
falling right down, with the strength of gravity.

work was alright, and my friends were alright,
family shoveled out from all of the dizzyness.
the snow that stopped everything, and still continues to fall.

one cousin was over it, the week before it began.
(oh yeah she was.)
another lost her job, didn't really lose her job, ya know?
(after the hurricane.)
you lost your umbrella, someone else has lost an arm.

and the water comes rushing, its turn,
and then, one sister was burned.
and the rain came down again.
though i thought i'd never see the sun.

and then the snow was spinning around,
i'm like an animal that's run to ground,
makes me dizzy like i'm lost and found....

dizzy precipitation.
it feels real heavy, like snow you're told that suddenly falls.
dizzy precipitation.
its the rain that's so heavy, where you can't even see your hands.
dizzy precipitation.
swirling on the ground, and swelling on your mound of strife.

yah-ee-yay, precipitation.
just when you said, that you thought it was ok to go.
dizzy precipitation.
flushes the thought you were the king,
as it brings you down to your knees.

dizzy precipitation.
(digging out of anticipation)
dizzy precipitation.
(drying off all your despondency)

can you feel that...
dizzy precipitation?
i think i've been there,
and i think you lived there before.

can you feel the...
dizzy precipitation.
dizzy precipitation.
dizzy precipitation.
dizzy precipitation.
dizzy, dizzy, dizzy, dizzy....(echo fade).

lineup production notes:
percussion: do-do-do-dite-dunk
guitar: wah2, blues/paul/raitt
bass: lay it down funky
extras: sax or keys, an arranger's dream

alberoliformat 2/25/10 1:16 AM