Alternate realities

another song another time this time, 2010.
it's really a poem of hope.

heavy rocking guitar intro wall of sound
anthem pounding rock drums
Alternate realities

These realities, they make scared.
Total realities, that screw with your head.
Some fallacies, that fill you with dread.
Some reason, to choose something instead.

My status is fake, though my profile is new.
All my things are made, from broken backs.
Pets are dying, and the children are scared.
Shots are flying and...
...and I think, think it's time, to get down,
down on the ground. (On the ground! On the ground!).

(fast break, quick solo)
Alternate realities they're mighty fine.
Keep that train moving, right down the line.
And if you doubt it, then breathe my smoke.
'Cause it's too crowded, and it's no joke.

Realities, you create in your mind.
The travesties, of the much maligned.
The status, of exactly where you stand.
In 2010, you found it was quicksand.

Realities, are what you create.
So take the positive, or the cyber-bait.
The winner, those who would truly choose.
For everyone, win or fail and lose. (For everyone win or fail and lose.).

My tongue is tied, no one will abide.
The clock is ticking, but we're on the ride.
Field of flowers, and the woebegone.
The sunny hill, and windy farm.
The apartments bleed, we know what to do.
With animals and children and the future too.

We will work this time, we will build the schools.
We will learn to help each other, beat the blues.
From the frozen North, to the deep, deep South.
From Westward Ho, to the Atlantic sea.
A home for you, and a home for me.
Your home is in you, and my home is in me.
A place to go called America.

We're in a place to go called America.
We're in a place to go called America.

(then fade or last licks, then full stop)

alberoliformat asm 092410