The shimmering

(this poem is dedicated to my friend Tracy.)

The shimmering

when any thought in the night is bound to send you sputtering and reeling
into the morass of doubt and insufficency.

your mind, your life and your essence feel bound to lose.
but yet, you have found new strength,
a new definition in your-self,
beyond the thorny, gaunted silence of the usual, heady routine.

it is in your heart you know, and remember the place
where you saw that flicker of unbounded hope,
the stilling waters after the raging flood,
the break, the breach, the fail-safe gone astray.

as fibers of your being activate,
you feel the precision of your selfhood
emancipating itself towards a glimmering, glistening, gallantly inscribed hope
that is yours and yours alone. it sustains you, it maintains you, it adores you.

it is you. so be still and witness, the shimmering.

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