Soul unbound

a celtic newage with a mayfair lilt and a dose of country put back in.
a healing lullaby for the living and the dead.

my mother loves this song, and so i dedicate this song to:
Mary Bernadette Theresa McGrory.


Soul unbound

it's when your souls been bound,
that a heart is unfastened. 
on love's merry go round, 
ah, wandering heart.
mother said, all kinds are out there.
did she warn you dear that fate was unkind?
did your daddy mention that love is capricious?
did he tell you so from his broken heart?

yet your soul's been bound.
and your heart is unfastened.
not anymore tethered to,
anything solid.

oh, wandering heart,
appears in the clouds now,
soaring high and waiting for the wind.

it is everything you wanted it to be,
and you note that chapter and verse are never the same.

and the wind did come, and you pushed to the groundswell.
a rainy night, no shelter to be found.
when you checked your heart,
you had the good fortune,
to see it trampled, under a boot.

then the snow, and the sun, and the dirt, and the footprints,
a dirty old sod is your precious heart right now.

and in good time your heart'll be bleached white again.
yes you took yourself home, had a look in the mirror,
had some thoughts, and another cup of tea.

yet you made your bed, and now your heart's lying in it,
hospicing, it's true love to full.

then your heart will be light, and quick as a feather,
floating 'round, spreading love everywhere.

and when another heart comes, happily to greet you,
you will notice again that your soul has been unbound.

let it be unbound.
let it float around.
let it be a hound. you've been unbound.
let it be lost, and again found,  
may it never be bound!
(premiere voce - largo e decresendo:)


my wish to you is that your soul is unbound.

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